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Helping Buyers and Sellers in all Price Points!!

Passion and Knowledge

Attractive Realty is a boutique real estate firm that is located in the Twin Cities. The founder Dale Frisch, started the firm in May of 2010. In Minnesota's forever growing and advancing real estate market, being a no name company has had it's challenges, but none that the team at Attractive Realty couldn't handle. When most small business don't make it past the 5 year mark, Dale and his team has set goals and have grown even through starting at the bottom of the market. Dale and his team at Attractive Realty are a positive think tank in Real Estate. They says that when you have lemons, make lemonade. Dale believes that through positive creative thinking any problem can have a solution. The Attractive Realty team focus on the Twin Cities Real Estate Market; including the following cities: Afton MN- Ciderbluff and others, Woodbury MN- Stonemill, Dancing Waters, Wedgewood, Powers Lake, Autumn Ridge and others, Cottage Grove MN- Timber Ridge Estate, Pinecliff, Highland Hills, Hidden Valley, Pine Summit and others, Lake Elmo MN- Whistling Valley, Discover Crossing, Lake Elmo farms, Sanctuary and others, West Lakeland MN- Artisan, Galway, Wynstone and others, Bayport MN, Blaine MN- The Lakes, Crescent Ponds, The Sanctuary, Edina MN, Minneapolis MN, Saint Paul MN, Eden Prairie MN, Minnetonka mn, Plymouth mn, Medina MN, Shorewood MN, Excelsior MN, Minnetrista MN, Apple Valley MN, Inver Grove Heights MN, Lakeville MN, Prior Lake MN. Luxury Homes in Minnesota Dale and his teams have been helping Luxury homeowners in Minnesota for the past 8 years. Dale first open house was on a 1.2 Million dollar Luxury Home in Edina Minnesota. Talk about being through into the fire! Since then Dale has gone to represent builders, Sellers and buyers in the Luxury home market in Minnesota. Dale has an uncanny knowledge about how a Luxury homes in Minnesota. It seems to just come naturally to him about how they should be designed, marketed, built, bought and sold. He enjoys the challenge that comes with helping a Luxury Home Buyer or Seller make their dream come true. Dale understand how much is on the table when it comes to Luxury Homes in Minnesota. They say that the Devil or diva is in the details and this why nothing can be overlooked when you're selling, buying or building a Luxury Home in Minnesota. As for the Luxury Home in Minnesota Lifestyle is one that Dale can help you with. Since Dale has been working with Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers in MN for the past last 8 years he has the chance to live a day in the life of Luxury Homeowner in Minnesota. Weather it is getting to drive BMW I8, Bentley's, golfing at some of the finest Luxury golf courses, eat at the best luxury restaurants or cruising in Luxury Yachts as the sunsets. Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN. As one of Dale's Luxury Home stomping grounds Dale loves helping home sellers and buyers in Woodbury MN. When you're looking to purchase a Luxury Home in Woodbury MN Dale will walk you through all the options and amenities that you will enjoy in buying a Luxury Home in Woodbury MN. With Great schools, walking paths, restaurants and shopping buying your next Luxury Home in Woodbury MN will be one of the best Luxury Home experiences in Minnesota that you will have when working with Dale. When selling your Luxury Home in Woodbury Minnesota, Dale will work diligently so that the selling process will be the most efficient. Dale will communicate with you so that you know that your luxury home in Minnesota is being sold correctly and in the manner you expect. Dale uses the best photographers will selling a Luxury Home in Minnesota. Buyers for Luxury Homes are online and even through a number of Luxury Homes sell with them never being put in the mls, the rest of Luxury Homes in Minnesota have to be marketed for sale through the northstarmls, Youtube and other 3rd party sites. When Marketing your luxury home in Minnesota you need to make sure that the utmost effort is put into the details of marketing the home and analysing what is the best price for that Luxury Home to be sold for. Buying a Luxury Home in Minnesota is great point in a buyer's life. When we start with the Luxury Home Buying process we will be looking for getting a Jumbo Mortgage for our Luxury Home in Minnesota, unless we plan on paying cash for this home. Getting a Jumbo Mortgage on a Luxury Home is a great way to use someone else's money and with rates on Jumbo Luxury Home Mortgages being so low, it is beneficial to you since you can use that cash to net more of a profit in your own business or investments when buying a Luxury Home in Minnesota. We will be able to assist you with getting a jumbo luxury home mortgage through our list of luxury home mortgage professionals that work day and night to make sure that your product is the best for your financial situation. What kind of features are you looking for in Luxury Home in Minnesota? Are you looking for an indoor sports court, indoor or outdoor swimming pool, Custom built home with infloor heat, 10,000 SQFT Luxury home in Minnesota with a lake or river view? How about 10 or 15 car garage on a luxury home? Maybe you're looking for Luxury home condo in Minneapolis or St. Paul. Maybe it is a 10 acre luxury home in Minnesota with indoor pool and sports court and 10 car garage? Whatever you're looking for in a Luxury Home in Minnesota, Dale wants you to get everything you want in a Luxury Home in Minnesota and if he can't find it then he will work with a Custom Luxury Home builder in MN to build you the luxury home of your dreams. What about building a custom luxury home in Minnesota? Dale has worked with several Custom Luxury Home Builders in Minnesota and has a short list of them that provide the type of product that he believes is worth your luxury home money. There is a huge difference in Luxury home builders quality, style and passion. Dale views all the luxury home tours to see what builders are doing that is creative and custom. Dale is looking for something that will shock him in a luxury home in minnesota. He has seen a lot of luxury homes in Minnesota and a lot of them don't impress him. Dale wants you to get more than what the market has to offer and if building a custom luxury home gives you that opportunity then Dale wants to find it for you. How about selling your Luxury Home in Minnesota? Selling a luxury home in minnesota is an art and a science. When selling a luxury home in Minnesota you have to know the market and when Dale means market that is the entire twin cities market. Now thanks to the internet buyers are shopping for luxury homes city wide. When Dale analysis your home he has to not only compare it to homes within the city you live in but the entire twin cities metro area to compare it against other luxury homes. Then there is the market preparation or staging of a luxury home. This is very important since luxury home buyers look over every detail in a luxury home listing. They want to see a clean, well maintained luxury home. If the luxury home is not to this level then the luxury home in Minnesota will attract buyers who are looking for a deal on luxury home. Then the luxury home will receive low offers or low bids and then that ask the seller why sell versus keeping it.