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Building a Custom Home in Minnesota The Ultimate Man/woman Cave Garage House

Are you planning on Building a Custom Home in Minnesota with the Ultimate Luxury ManCave?

If you’re a car fan than this is the ultimate custom home for a car person.  Maybe not the best family home, but we all have to make sacrifices for the good of the cause right, LOL.

What I love about this Luxury Home Video:

The person that filmed this understood who his market was by putting the Ferrari in and starting it since the sound of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini is very unique and this built rapport off the bat.  Using a drone in the video was great since it showed how the exterior looks along with the car.  The home has a great yard that complements the natural stone on the house with the stucco.  The house design incorporates a hip style roof with low pitch that Frank Lloyd Wright used in his designs.  You will also notice as the Drone fly’s over the car that stamped concrete driveway that this custom home has.

As the video moves inside the car elevator that also has the pool table on top of it is highlighted as one of the main features as it should in it’s beauty.

One down side to the video on the interior is that the rotation shots are shaky.  There is ways to capture this without and shakiness.

The living room and Kitchen has some of the most beautiful ceiling lights and with the open concept everything flows really well.  The red is a little much but then again this was built for a certain person.

I would actually build this in Minnesota as Secondary house from the main one.   I would have to have it different since I am yacht person so half of the garage would have to be two story open so that I could store the yacht in the winter time and also have enough room for a basketball court.  I would also add a turn table style rotator so that it was easier to move the cars around.

Regardless this builder, Realtor, and Videographer get a big Bravo from me since I think this is an outstanding home or new style Carriage house/Man/Woman Cave Sports court idea.

If you have any questions about building a custom luxury home in Minnesota, I work with several Custom Luxury Home builders and Also can find you the right Preowned Luxury Home in Minnesota.