Luxury Homes that have sold in Minnetonka

Luxury Homes sold in MinnetonkaSold Luxury Homes in Minnetonka.

Whether your looking to buy a home or looking to list your home in Minnetonka, it is important that you know what has sold and what is pending.  This will give you a round about value.  Why do I say round about value?  Well luxury homes as you know are not cookie cutter boxes.  What one person thinks is worth something someone may not.  With so few buyers in the upper brackets it is harder to determine value on Luxury home that has sold in Minnetonka unless you’re the buyer or seller.

Let’s say you see a 2 million dollar home sold in Minnetonka.  Let’s dig deeper it was on market for how many days?  If it was on market for less than 200 than the property was priced to move meaning it was worth more to many buyers instead of just one and that is why it sold faster.   Let’s look at another option, the price of the home was at 2.5 million and the seller is starting a new business that will make him or her more money than the house is worth.  If he or she decides it is time to go on the new business they could drop the price in one day 500k and the home should sell fast if it has had previous showings.

Buying or selling a luxury home in Minnetonka or anywhere in the twin cities comes down to what the buyer wants in a home (amenities) and what they’re willing to pay for it.  It is always an option to build or tear down a home and with the prices not being what they are on the east coast or the west coast this is always an option for high luxury home buyers in Minnetonka.

Here is a list of sold Luxury Homes in Minnetonka.

One thing you have to remember is that when you look at sold homes that data is out of date.  The reason why I say this is that the transaction occurred anywhere between 2 weeks and 1 year ago and is now just closing.  You have to remember that deals sometimes take time to close.  The pending Luxury homes in Minnetonka are actually the numbers you should be making your decision on and that you can get from a Realtor like us.

[idx-listings city=”Minnetonka” minprice=”800000″ statuses=”4″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”25″ showlargerphotos=”true”]



Luxury Homes in Minnetonka

Luxury Homes in MinnetonkaWhen your looking at Luxury homes in Minnetonka, it is important to take your time.

Luxury Homes in Minnetonka are some of the most beautiful homes in the world.  From the famous Pillsbury Mansion to gorgeous lake front properties you will be very happy when see some of these gems.



Why is Lake Minnetonka the place to live?

Besides having one of the best school districts in the area the home values continue you to go up.   Some of the most luxurious homes in Minnesota are in Minnetonka.  The lake provides and environment that is like a playground for all people.   Luxury homes in Lake Minnetonka offer some of the best lake views in the summer and great winter activities in the winter.  A lot of the wealthier home homeowners do pack up in the winter and fly south.  To sum it up you have great lake views, great homes and great schools and great people.

What is the drive like to Minneapolis?

Depending on what time your going into the cities your drive can be bad or good.  Also the weather is an interesting since we all know when it is snowing it will be slow but when it is sunny out it seems so many people are in a hurry to get home that they rush and cause accidents.  High traffic times are from 7:30 to 9:30 am and 3 to 6:30 pm.  Otherwise you may get some traffic on 394 when you going in for dinner on Saturday or Friday Night.

Shopping and Dinning Near Luxury Homes in Minnetonka

There are several great dinner places in and around Lake Minnetonka.  Excelsior and Deephaven have great dinner places with Lake views.  Mound is in the center of the Lake Minnetonka area and has Grocery shopping if your in the Minnetrista and Mound area.


Here are a list of some Great Luxury Homes for sale in Lake Minnetonka.

[idx-listings city=”Minnetonka” minprice=”800000″ statuses=”1″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”25″ showlargerphotos=”true”]


Luxury Homes in Minnetonka MN added April 2015

Looking for Luxury home in the Minnetonka MN area?

Minnetonka Minnesota is one of the most desirable places to live in the Twin Cites and has been and will always be.  With one of the best chain of lakes and close to Minneapolis what else can you ask for.

The who of who lives in and around the lake Minnetonka area.  With wonderful boating and Sunsets that can make any homebuyer feel at home here.  The area is alive with excitement in the summer and just taking drive around the area you will see this.

Land is a premium here and if it is Lake front, well bring out the check book.

Here are the listings that came on in April of 2015.

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Luxury Homes in Plymouth MN added April 2015

Looking to buy a Luxury Home in Plymouth MN?

Plymouth Minnesota is one of the hottest areas for Luxury Homes in the Twin Cities area.  Typically around the Twin Cites you can spend 500k and get a really nice luxury home. In Plymouth the amount you will be spending is 700k and up.

With all the new construction you can expect a lot when buying a luxury home. From indoor sports courts to dual sided fire places from the living room to sunrooms.

As for the land that you will get, well the lot size are limited.  We’re not seeing as the custom homes as much seeing as the National builders are buying most of the open land.  If you want to build a custom home finding a lot that is not owned by builder that wants to give it up is a challenge but a good agent will go above and beyond.

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”4583852″ showall=”true”]

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[idx-listing mlsnumber=”4582055″ showall=”true”]

Luxury Homes in Lake Elmo MN added April 2015

Looking for a Luxury Home in Lake Elmo MN?

We don’t have too long of list of luxury homes in Lake Elmo MN this month.  Lake Elmo has larger acreage lots than Woodbury and most home are on Well and Septic.

That being said there hasn’t been to many new subdivisions started leaving very few lots to build on and with custom builders getting beat out on buying land for cheap by the national builders it has left us with less luxury homes for sale in the Lake Elmo MN area.

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”4580155″ showall=”true”]

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”4579319″ showall=”true”]

Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN add in April

Looking for a Luxury Home in Woodbury MN?

Woodbury is one of the hottest Luxury Home Neighborhoods in the East Metro of the Twin Cities! With Luxury home neighborhoods like Dancing Waters and Stonemill farms what more could you ask for?

These luxury neighborhoods have community pools and parks.  The schools and close locations to shopping and restaurants give you freedom to enjoy living close to the big city but far enough away to enjoy the luxury of getting around without traffic.

Woodbury Luxury Homes are much different than those in the west.  Your dollar will go much further on this side of town since there is still land to be developed and prices have not gone through the roof.

Need a little more room? options of building in Lake Elmo, West Lakeland or Afton give you the option of being close to Woodbury but enjoying more acreage and a small time feel with keeping your commute short to the airport or either Downtown.

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Luxury Homes in Minnesota see why video is becoming more important to buyers!

Luxury Home Buyers want to see more than just pictures!

This week Josh Hartnett put his place in Lake of the Isles up for sale.  Even through the home is priced at 2 million plus, it should sale fast as the new homeowner can enjoy boosting about who owned the home before.  The pictures of the home are just beautiful as I to use this professional photographer.  What I think makes the difference is the video.  This Luxury home in Minnesota shows the lifestyle in the video that can not be seen in the 18 pictures that the mls allows. Even through the MLS does allow virtual tour links, this home will sell fast through the awareness that was drawn to it by the social media sharing of the video. See below

2405 East Lake of the Isles Parkway, Minneapolis MN from Spacecrafting on Vimeo.

Should all homes in Minnesota that are for sale have video done of them?

I have looked into the cost of having the video done and at the time they had quoted me 3k.  I was a computer engineer before becoming a Real Estate agent and I enjoy the tech side of being an agent. With that I looked into doing my own videos.  Turns out that I need just a few things and I to could make the same type of video.  I must say that doing a video of home is no small task.  For me to shoot a home and capture the true essence of the home it can take me between 3 and 5 hours.  I enjoy doing it and it helps the home sell faster when it can be shared on social media like Josh’s above.

What I have found important in doing videos on homes:

1. The totally length of a video has to be short.  People are busy and their attention span is getting shorter.

2. More than one type of shot.  When shooting before I would use one style of shooting throughout the home.  I have found varying styles of shooting has kept the viewer watching longer.

3. Shoot good, get good.  It still matters that what I am shooting for a home has to be staged and clean.  The video will pickup as much as the camera does and no matter how much editing is done it can’t fix sloppy looking homes.

4. Always fly over and around. Drones have become so interesting to buyers looking at the home because it can give the buyer a prospective that can only be seen this way.   Unless you rent a boom lift at your next showing you will not be able to see the home in this fashion and for buyers to see the land from a birds eye view is just breath taking.


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Luxury Homes in Minnesota 2015 are already selling!

Typically in Minnesota the housing market takes a while to pick up after the holidays.

Not this year!  So far in 2015 in the Twin Cities Metro area we have seen 23 luxury homes in Minnesota  of 750k and up close in the first 22 days. This is good to see that we are off to a good start seeing as 2014 was starting to show signs of the market tapering off after 2013 boom in luxury and less homes were flying off the shelf.  Here is a view of the luxury homes  in mn that have closed in the first 22 days of 2015.

Luxury Home Sales numbers in MN are looking good:

Most Luxury homes got almost 95% of the asking price.  Looks like one Luxury home seller wanted to go and knocked off almost 300k of the price of the 2 million dollar home.  I don’t know if one of these had inaccurate data reported but it shows 200k in seller paid closing cost.   It maybe right but I have never seen that much in closing cost in 7 years of doing this.  Maybe they gave them a car with it, LOL.  Regardless, sellers are getting what they are asking and luxury homes are on the move again.

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[idx-listing mlsnumber=”4545654″ showall=”true”]

 Luxury Homes sales in Minnesota in the first 22 days of 2015!