What kind of Real Estate Agent in Minnesota should you hire?

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Does it matter what kind of Real Estate Agent in Minnesota you hire?

The answer is heck yeah!  I have been working real estate for a little under a decade in Minnesota and let me tell you I have seen several bad real estate agents.  I am not trying to talk down about anyone, but some agents are either just in it for the money or some of them are just in it because no one else will hire them.

For anyone to get their real estate license all you have to do is take 3 classes and pass 2 test.

The problem with some real estate agents in Minnesota:

Some agents have been in the business for a long time and they have not adapted as well as others.  Currently the MLS changes something about every 6 months and some of the agents that are not good with computers are having trouble keeping up.

This is not say that these agents are not good people.  The problem is that no matter how nice you are, when it comes to helping people buy or sell their home in Minnesota, you need to have very good market knowledge and the tools to communicate with people.   I always know when I am dealing with a non-tech savvy realtor when they always are using the phone to communicate.  There is nothing wrong with using the phone and I love to talk, I mean come on have you seen my YouTube channel, LOL.   When comes to certain parts of a Real estate transaction, it needs to be in writing which is either email or Esignature.  If I don’t get it in writing for my client then the buyer or the seller can back out because the agent had talked with me about it on the phone instead of putting it in writing.  There is several times I will have to go and do forms for the agent that I am working with because I can do it from most anywhere and at anytime.  Hey mom look that computer degree I got has help me after all!

 And then there is the ones that just don’t care:

There are agents out there that don’t care about you or their own mother.  They will lie, cheat and steal to get a deal done.   I got into real estate because someone took advantage of me when I bought my first home.  I didn’t know anything about buying and never took a class and this person used me and several others to better themselves.  It is my goal to always provide homebuyers and home sellers with the most accurate real estate information regardless of if they use me or not.

Real estate agents that are doing things illegal do get caught and do go to Jail.  How many people do they hurt before they get there is the sad thing about it.   The others that use legal but unethical ways don’t last long in the business either since most people talk about their real estate transaction to their friends and family and when things don’t line up, then that client never uses that agent again and not having repeat business is hard for an agent to stay in business.

How do you go about hiring the right Real estate agent in Minnesota?

6 items on how to hire a realtor in Minnesota:

1.The best way is always a referral from someone you know and trust like a close friend or family member.  If they have had good luck with them in the past then you should too.  Don’t believe everything you read on the internet about someone, instead watch their Youtube channel:). It is important that you do your research on the agent, interview others to get a feel for the services provided and use good judgment.

2.Can the real estate agent in Minnesota relate to your lifestyle: This may or may not be important to you, so you will have to decide.  For me this would be something important.  I have kids, work, working out and groceries and cleaning and a social life.  Since I believe that people are the biggest part of buying or selling a home that is what I focus on.   Spending time with my family is an important thing to me and if my realtor doesn’t understand that sitting in gridlock everyday limits that time I have with them, then they may not the be realtor for me. If my realtor in Minnesota didn’t understand the distance to school or daycare can cost me money since they charge for every minute that your late; that is big deal.  How about that Starbucks drive thru is an essential part of my day or how far is the gym or yoga studio from my house.  When I look back of when I was single, I didn’t like living in the suburbs,  there is no place to go out to. I would want to know that they know where trended restaurants and bars and what it will cost for me to take a cab.  As I look forward to the future I know that I want to downsize and not have stairs.  I want to be close to my family so I can watch over the grand kids and I want something that I can afford.  If I were hiring an agent I would hope that he or she would be able to understand where I am currently at in my life and be able to ask the right questions which will help me answer the question of is this home right for me or is this the right time to be selling our home.

3. How long have they been in the industry:  They say 85% of real estate agents quit within 5 years by NAR stats.   This is important since most real estate agents in Minnesota have weathered the storm after 5 years.  On the other end of the spectrum you will have agents that have been in real estate for 30 years and have lost the passion and drive to keep up with the times.  New agents like the ones that I hire are backed by me and have all my knowledge at a moments notice.  Other agents are new in the industry and don’t have a mentor to ask questions to so they just wing it.  I have more mentors now than I did when I started.

4. How many homes have they sold in the area and price range your buying or selling in:  I have sold homes in just about every price range and most areas of the twin cities and what helps me is years of watching housing trends.   Back when I was a new agent and was working with luxury home buyers it was scary and I had to lean on my broker to answer questions.  As the years went by I learned more and more about each price range and how the buyers and sellers are in each one and the speed bumps to watch out for.   When it comes to number of homes it matters and also doesn’t (Dale that sounds crazy). Think of it this way,  if an agent sold 15 homes in a year that were $100,000 each they would have sold  for a total of a 1.5 million dollars.  If the agent sold 5 homes in a year that were a million dollars each, than gross sales would be 5 million dollars.

What is important is what kind of service you’re getting when the agent is representing you.  I help people in every price range and treat them all the same.  To me Real Estate is about helping people and if we’re working all day Saturday to help stage a $100,000 townhome or spending an entire Saturday looking at Luxury homes from Woodbury to Minnetonka, it is all the same to me since people are people and every client I work with deserve my best.

5. Does it matter what real estate company the agent works for: The answer is no.  The reason why is all the best real estate agents don’t work for the same company.  Homebuyers or Sellers may associate with Edina Realty or Remax since bigger companies that dump more money into advertising, but the truth is that the level of service is on an individual basis and you may not end up with the type of agent your looking for if you just call up a big firm.  In Chicago the biggest name real estate firms are Related Realty and @properties.  Here is Minnesota Edina Realty was once a small firm and so was and as they grew things changed.   All real estate listings are put on the mls listings service and all buyers and agents use this one system regardless of what firm they work with.  If all agents have access to the same system and tools, it goes back to the individual abilities and not the firms abilities.

6. Trust your gut:  The last and most important item about hiring a real estate agent in Minnesota is how you feel about them.  If a Real Estate agent is pushy,non responsive or acting as if their better than you or anything that makes you question them, Don’t use them.  When I am shopping for anything I want information and I want someone to explain it to me.  I want to know their opinion and the disadvantages and advantages that they see from their side. I have already made the decision to buy or sell but someone trying to influence me in away that I don’t want to go is a turn off.  I can tell when someone is trying to rush me or manipulate me into something and that I don’t want.  Real Estate is the same way.  People know what they want, such is why your reading this.  I don’t have to tell you that you want to find an agent, you have already shown that by reading this.  My job is to provide you with an opinion that is backed by facts and experience and answer all questions that you have so that you can come to the right decision for you and your family.

Since buying or selling a home is a big deal it is important you identify to feelings.  The first feeling is; this is scary and that is okay since major life changes like buying a home or selling a home, graduating college, getting married, getting divorced, having kids, changing careers ARE SCARY.

Chuck Yeager was the first pilot to break the sound barrier in a plane.  Most other pilots had failed since the airplane would shake so bad that they thought that it would fall apart and they would die.  Chuck pushed through the sound barrier and once you break it (sonic boom) the airplane resistance is reduced and the airplane handles normal again.  This is pushing through fear and a great book if you have fear issues is written by Susan Jeffers called Feel Fear and do it anyways. (click to see on amazon)

The feeling that is a Red flag: This is the feeling that comes from your stomach.  This is the feeling that you have when someone wanted you to do something and you didn’t feel right about it and they pressured you to do it.  Peer pressure is a great explain of this.  I can remember people tell me that if I didn’t do something I was not cool.   Kids get pressured to do drugs and have sex and break laws all the time and go on to regret those decisions.   If you feel pressured to buy or sell your home and your not comfortable with it, then that agent may not be for you.  When I work with clients I always ask my clients if they feel comfortable with the transaction. If waiting or withdrawing the offer or taking the house of the market is right then we do that, no questions asked.  The key is identifying with which feeling your having and making the right decision.


I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you have questions about buying or selling a home that you feel free to give me a call or send me an email.  If you really liked the post share it on Facebook and twitter:)