How to Navigate Buying Your First Home in Minnesota (FAQ)

How to Navigate Buying Your First Home MN

Buying your first home is a big decision.

Then there is a million steps and questions that have to be answered and where do you start?   This really depends on what type of person you are?  Let’s take a little test to see what you should do.

If your car broke down on the side of the road, which one of the following would you do?

1. Get out of the car and pop the hood.

2. Google known issues with type of car you have and what commonly breaks down.

3.  Panic and start swearing or crying.

4. Tell the passenger to call AAA and while you make sure everyone is safe.

5. Surf Facebook or turns on Spotify while someone else figures it out.

6. Let someone else tell you what to do since they know best.

If you agreed to the odd number questions, then it is best that you call Dale at 612.715.6474. 

The following reasons may apply:

1. Typically you can handle the home buying process faster than others and you can pick up things on the fly.

2. You may also like having a lot of fun and reading all this stuff below will just put you to sleep.

3. You may need things personal explained to you at a slower pace that you will be more comfortable with than just reading text below.

For the rest of you the following will allow you to research and a lot of question that you may have.

If you have questions about buying your first home in Minnesota, feel free to give Dale a call or send an email.