How to prepare for a Home Appraisal when selling your home in MN

Preparing the home for when the appraiser comes is very important. 5 tips for prepare for an home appraisal and why it is important. 1. The appraisal is how the bank will determine the value of the home. It is important the appraiser sees your home in the best light. 2. Make sure that the appraiser has access to the home weather you are there or the list agent or the lock box and door lock works properly. If the appraiser can’t get in they will charge a trip charge and the seller or the list agent will have to pay it. 3. Make sure that the home is clean, do all the dishes, take out the trash, vacuum and put all the dirty clothes away. Appraisers are people and people find value in clean and neat things. It doesn’t matter what age or size the home is but dirty or clean will make a difference when they are viewing the home. 4. If you’re home while the appraiser is there, try not to talk a lot and just listen. Homeowners are always trying to tell appraisers what the value of their home is. I believe that appraisers for the most part are not a people person since if they were they would be a realtor. Let them talk to you at their pace and just try to make them comfortable while in your. 5. Make sure all cars are out of the driveway lights on windows open