Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN Wait what home?

Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN

What kind of Luxury Home in Woodbury MN are you looking for?

2015 is turning out to be one of the best years to buy a luxury home in Woodbury MN with the interest rates on Jumbo loans being so low it is like borrowing money for nothing!  Also home sellers in the Luxury neighborhoods of Woodbury have been waiting for years to recoup some of their investment.   Some of the Luxury home owners in Woodbury bought or built at the top of the market from 2004 to 2007.  When Luxury home owners look at selling some of them understand that there are up markets and down markets and even if they lose some money at this point, they know that they enjoyed their Luxury home and they are looking to move on to their next home experience.  Does this mean that all sellers will look at lower offers?  What this means is that Luxury homeowners in Woodbury will look at fair offers.

What Luxury homeowners know about the current market?

Depending on if their Realtor has knowledge of the area is dependent on how fast their home will sell.  A Luxury Homeowner in Woodbury will know that there is really Five Luxury Neighborhoods and that they have to compete with the new construction homes that are being built. See Last section.

Wedgewood Neighborhoods

These neighborhoods were built in the late 1990’s and have had some newer homes put in the last few years.  The neighborhoods were built around paths, Lakes and the Prestwick Country Club.  The Crestmoor road section boost the best sale records with Luxury homes from 800k to 1.2M.  The great thing about the Luxury homes in this area is that the lots are big and allow for Indoor sports courts additions and pools.  The down side is that the homes were built prior to the open concept revelation and seem chopped up inside.  Depending on if the seller has remodeled or not will depend on the value.  Otherwise if you don’t want to wait the 9 to 12 months to build a luxury home in Woodbury, there is great opportunity to purchase one of these Luxury Homes and remodel.  Just remember to add the sports court and theater room since those amenities are pulling the future Luxury home buyers.

Powers Lake And Bailey’s Arbor

These Luxury Homes also are on the older side for Powers Lake but offer some of the best Luxury Lake views in Woodbury.  Bailey’s Arbor will have newer homes but on smaller lots but do offer a community pool.

Dancing Waters and Stonemill

These Luxury homes in Woodbury offer the 2nd newest homes.  Features in these home like theater rooms, Open concept kitchens, Sports Courts, Custom bathrooms, Custom Kitchens, and Community pools are the amenities you will get with these homes.   There is still new homes being built in these areas by some of the national builders and I get the whole new home concept but be cautious what your getting when you buy one of the newer homes since after the down turn the level of home has changed.  You may get more for your dollar with a previous owned Luxury home.

Autumn Ridge, Princeton Hills and Woodhaven 

These are all new construction Luxury Home neighborhoods.   Princeton hills is dropped in a closer to the shopping area. Autumn Ridge Woodhaven offer large lots and their in the Eastridge school district and are at the edge of Woodbury but the drive to the shops and restaurants is less than 12 min. I know I timed it through the round abouts.

Depending on your build model, I would walk you through some of the neighboring areas where property taxes are lower.  That will be up to you when we sit down to discuss.

Look forward to hearing from you and have a great day!

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Buying a Luxury Home in Woodbury MN