Luxury Homes Woodbury MN|What shoes to wear?

When your looking to buy a luxury home in Woodbury MN, you need to know what shoes to wear.

Hello real estate friend I want to do a video on what you should wear when you’re out looking for
homes for sale in woodbury mn. Ok we’re going to start with the ladies, Cause ladies first always right.

Depending on what season it is is depending on what your gonna obviously we’re the biggest key is you’re going to be going from house to house to house I’ve shown as few as two houses and I’ve shown as many as 18 in the day some houses you walk in you might not even a song he may not even walking like drive up to it and don’t want to see it so but regardless of it you are going through house is fast and you know to get through to the ones that you want to or what not and you go take off your shoes and put on your shoes off and it’s always funny is that even remind people they still tend to where they want to wear which is fine it’s just a few to lay something up that’s kind of hard when you’re trying to access your children you’re trying to get them here trying to get your shoelaces up you’re trying to talk about the house so we’re going to go through some things I would suggest you wear and could be a bond could be right you do with what you feel comfortable all right let’s go with summer I have my
props ok so this is easy to slip on for you women the problem is is that my wife
air raids launched when she walks around houses because you may walk around the
house so we’re better off with your foot block or could go to a wedge which is
easy to slip on it looks great and you won’t air raid the lawn or turn angle trees winter time course
the great looking boot will work to depending on that it’s a zipper and not a lace they still can be somewhat tough
to get out and not drive which can be I see what not so if you depend on if  you’re gonna walk around the house
typically in the where time we don’t walk around the house until the home inspection which then bring waiters cos
snow gets people around here right alright so there’s also dropped out on you can always go with potential it’s
always safe the whole thing is can you stop on off without damaging them and will it work without having a time if
you don’t mind time take the time to time try to carry things in your hand because you see there’s an information
sheet your phone if you bring a camera to take pictures you got a lot of stuff  in your hands or child then you’re going
to its gonna be tougher to get your shoes on and off between shots but move on to the guys ok guys tennis shoes as
long as you slip on not during a time that you and be your question over whether or not you want to do that if
during the summer time are two options would be crock pot my favorite class otherwise you know dress shoes always
work for men because you can slip them I’m not pretty easily mine usually are course maritime then go to the boot as
long as you’re not having a late again it’s all up to how you feel comfortable with but I would recommend to you that
he takin it thought about what kind of shoes you’re wearing your gonna go out and see five homes this also if you’re
also going to look at the parade homes because the parade homes require you or the luxury tour any of those high yet
take your shoes off or put booties over the that’s another option for you is you get the blue booties and put those over your feet every time you going on outside of the house when your time that’s not gonna work because obviously there are no money they have ice and snow on them and you’d rip through the house so you’re going to see the parade or going to look you want to take an advisement how you gonna do that with the parade they’ll give you a bag typically to carry your shoes you the house cause you enter through the front door and exit through the garage typically otherwise other ones I’ve seen depending on your shoes you may not want to be leaving them out front they don’t have the bags for the slip ons then you’re gonna be required to leave your shoes either on the porch or in the front end you got you know 12 to 15 people going through a house out a certain time depending on how busy it is if you have really nice shoes true knows some may walk off with them you never know so I recommend that
you think you this process of going through House House house and that make something that’s easy and comfortable to wear during your showings are there any questions for me by my contact information I hope this has been helpful in your search for homes for sale in Woodbury mn.
until next time this is Dale