Real Estate Education for home buyers, home sellers, new construction.

Education of Home buyers and Home seller is how we can stop Real Estate Crime!

A home buying or selling experience is a fun and exciting part of a person’s life.  There are some low life, piece of _ _ _ _  (sorry for the foul language, but it is the only way to get my anger for them across) out there that don’t believe in working hard and helping people.  They believe in manipulate and scam people out their money because they are lazy and worthless souls.

Can you tell it makes me mad to even think about what these people are out there doing right now to good hard working people like yourself?

The bible tells that nothing worth getting in life comes ease.   You work hard, save your money and educate yourself in chasing your dream.  Don’t let some no good person take it away from you because they are a smooth talker.  They will always get caught in the end, but the victims are the ones that the ones that really lose out.

Don’t let them take your dream.  We’re always working to educate our buyers, sellers and home builders on the most current laws and real estate consumer protection.   We know there will always be someone out there that is looking for the fast easy money and the only way we can stop them is by helping educate you the consumer on the current frauds and scams.

We make sure that we are in accordance with all Department of commerce laws and all MLS rules.  We know that you put the trust in us.  Our goal is to learn everything we can about the law and uphold it.  We understand we are not lawyers, but that is no excuse for not knowing as much as we can to protect you as our clients.   We work side by side with Virtus law firm and have them verify any questions we have.

Dale works to not only know as much as he can about new laws, but also has quarterly meetings with his staff about real estate law changes and real estate scams and frauds to make their clients aware of.

The best rule of thumb is if it doesn’t feel right in your stomach, it is not right.  Call a Lawyer, Call an accountant or call the state or federal branch of government if you’re questioning anything.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Minnesota Department of Commerce Consumer protection  (click here) 

FBI Consumer protection on Real Estate Fraud (click here)

Trusted Real Estate lawyer for the Twin Cities Virtus Law Office (click here)

In our Youtube videos we always try to put a tip in there to help you in Real Estate.

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