Washington county MN Sheriff sale

Washington County MN Sheriff Sale

Washington County is located in the east half of the Twin Cities and their offices are located in Stillwater MN. All information about Washington County MN Sheriff Sale can be found at their website but is hard to understand if you have never faced foreclosure before.

Washington County MN Sheriff Sale areas:

Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Stillwater,Lake Elmo, Oakdale, Forest Lake, and more…

What is Washington County MN Sheriff Sale…

A Washington County MN Sheriff Sale is when a homeowner has not paid their mortgage for several months and the bank is going to foreclose on the property.

Can you delay a Washington County MN Sheriff Sale?

Yes depending on the bank. If you have an Realtor that is working on your short sale the bank may delay the sheriff sale to complete the short sale and save money on the Attorney fees.
You can also do a sheriff sale modification which moves your sheriff sale date to with in the last 8 weeks of the redemption period and your redemption period becomes 8 weeks instead of 6 months.

When will the Washington County MN Sheriff Sale happen?

A homeowner’s sheriff sale has legal procedures that it has to follow in Minnesota. They have to post that the sale will happen and the date and the person who owes, the company that is collecting and the amount owed. This is normally advertised in a small town paper like the forest lake times.

You can call Washington County Records to find out if there is a notice of Mortgage foreclosure against a homeowner and when the Sheriff Sale date is. You can also go on their website and search for it in their uploaded excel spreadsheets.

What will happen after a Washington County MN Sheriff Sale?

After a Washington County MN Sheriff sale the homeowner will have a 6 month redemption period where they can still have an agent short sale their home, file paperwork with the Sheriff to shorten postpone the sheriff sale and leave the redemption period to 8 weeks or pay the sheriff sale amount owed and redeem the property.

If you have more questions about a Washington County MN Sheriff Sale, Please give a us a call or send us an email and we will be able to answer your questions.

We have done several successful short sales before sheriff sale and during the redemption period and a short sale is always better than a foreclosure on your credit.

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