Woodbury Lakes

 Woodbury Lakes:

Woodbury Lakes Shopping Attractive Realty 1Woodbury Lakes Shopping Attractive Realty

Woodbury Lakes is just a few miles away from Dancing Waters off of Interstate 94 and is an outdoor shopping mall.

Experience a shopping center like no other!
You’ll find over 55 national retailers and locally-owned boutiques, sure to fit your fancy and indulge your style. All situated within lush landscaping, charming architecture, and up-front parking – making Woodbury Lakes a shopping experience that can’t compare. Whether you’re looking for fashions for the family, the perfect gift, something for your home, or simply time to unwind, Woodbury Lakes is where you’ll find it.

Stores include Express, Buckle, Victoria Secrets, Sprint, Trader Joe’s, DSW, and several more.

Woodbury Lakes offers a great outdoor atmosphere all year round.  Woodbury Lakes will have outdoor mall events throughout the year that makes it a fun place to shop.

If your lucky, Woodbury Lakes has store front parking and this makes it great to run from the car to the store or if your husband is like me and would rather site in the car with the kids screaming rather than in the store 🙂