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Luxury Homes in Minnesota see why video is becoming more important to buyers!

Luxury Home Buyers want to see more than just pictures!

This week Josh Hartnett put his place in Lake of the Isles up for sale.  Even through the home is priced at 2 million plus, it should sale fast as the new homeowner can enjoy boosting about who owned the home before.  The pictures of the home are just beautiful as I to use this professional photographer.  What I think makes the difference is the video.  This Luxury home in Minnesota shows the lifestyle in the video that can not be seen in the 18 pictures that the mls allows. Even through the MLS does allow virtual tour links, this home will sell fast through the awareness that was drawn to it by the social media sharing of the video. See below

2405 East Lake of the Isles Parkway, Minneapolis MN from Spacecrafting on Vimeo.

Should all homes in Minnesota that are for sale have video done of them?

I have looked into the cost of having the video done and at the time they had quoted me 3k.  I was a computer engineer before becoming a Real Estate agent and I enjoy the tech side of being an agent. With that I looked into doing my own videos.  Turns out that I need just a few things and I to could make the same type of video.  I must say that doing a video of home is no small task.  For me to shoot a home and capture the true essence of the home it can take me between 3 and 5 hours.  I enjoy doing it and it helps the home sell faster when it can be shared on social media like Josh’s above.

What I have found important in doing videos on homes:

1. The totally length of a video has to be short.  People are busy and their attention span is getting shorter.

2. More than one type of shot.  When shooting before I would use one style of shooting throughout the home.  I have found varying styles of shooting has kept the viewer watching longer.

3. Shoot good, get good.  It still matters that what I am shooting for a home has to be staged and clean.  The video will pickup as much as the camera does and no matter how much editing is done it can’t fix sloppy looking homes.

4. Always fly over and around. Drones have become so interesting to buyers looking at the home because it can give the buyer a prospective that can only be seen this way.   Unless you rent a boom lift at your next showing you will not be able to see the home in this fashion and for buyers to see the land from a birds eye view is just breath taking.


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Luxury Homes in Minnesota 2015 are already selling!

Typically in Minnesota the housing market takes a while to pick up after the holidays.

Not this year!  So far in 2015 in the Twin Cities Metro area we have seen 23 luxury homes in Minnesota  of 750k and up close in the first 22 days. This is good to see that we are off to a good start seeing as 2014 was starting to show signs of the market tapering off after 2013 boom in luxury and less homes were flying off the shelf.  Here is a view of the luxury homes  in mn that have closed in the first 22 days of 2015.

Luxury Home Sales numbers in MN are looking good:

Most Luxury homes got almost 95% of the asking price.  Looks like one Luxury home seller wanted to go and knocked off almost 300k of the price of the 2 million dollar home.  I don’t know if one of these had inaccurate data reported but it shows 200k in seller paid closing cost.   It maybe right but I have never seen that much in closing cost in 7 years of doing this.  Maybe they gave them a car with it, LOL.  Regardless, sellers are getting what they are asking and luxury homes are on the move again.

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 Luxury Homes sales in Minnesota in the first 22 days of 2015!

Cottage Grove Minnesota Home Sold Data Video for November 2014

When selling your home in Cottage Grove Minnesota you need to know what homes are selling for!

Cottage Grove Minnesota homes for sale

[idx-listings city=”Cottage Grove” maxprice=”300000″ statuses=”1,3,4″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”100″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

[idx-listings city=”Cottage Grove” minprice=”300000″ statuses=”1″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”100″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

Cottage Grove Minnesota homes for sale data for November 2014

When should you put your home on the market in Minnesota?

When to put your home on the market Minnesota

This is a questions a lot of buyers have when it comes to putting there home up for sale in MN.

In this YouTube video we explain that it is better to be ahead of the curve in the spring and put your home on as soon as you can.  This will allow for instant feedback through showings and adjustments can be made to condition, price or terms depending what the majority of the buyers are saying.



Thank you for watching our video on when to put your home on the market in Minnesota.

Luxury short sales

Luxury Short sales