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Luxury Home video that I admire

Luxury Foreclosures in MN for Oct-25-2015

Luxury Foreclosures homes in MN that I liked.

If they don’t show up it is because they have sold.

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If the listings are missing, click this link below:

Luxury foreclosures homes on market

Home Closings to Change in Oct! Scheduling a moving truck is going to be fun!

Crazy New 360 Degree Camera test! Stop looking at me and turn around!

No Joking 360 Camera!

360 Camera inside of home. (Click On Photo to Play)

360 degree video camera test inside Real Estate MN


360 Camera of  Home Outside!
360 degree video camera test Outside

These 360 camera’s are the next thing in Real Estate.  The quality of the camera is not the best but this tech just came out in May.  360 tours of Real Estate have been around for a long time and they were pictures that were stitched together and it wasn’t video like this.

As the quality of the camera’s get better, we will be using it more and more to display homes since you can go where you want to in the room and not have see only what the person filming wants you to see.

When It comes to selling your home fast, should you take the first offer?

When It comes to selling your home fast, should you take the first offer?

When it comes to selling your home fast, you need to understand how a buyer finds value. If you don’t get multiple offers in the first weekend you may or may not see multiple offer situation. Sometimes timing of when your home your home on the market for sale will effect how fast it will sell. School starting, holiday’s and other timing events have a impact on buyers as a whole and buyers as a whole will put off looking at homes for a time. You have to realize that people don’t typically act by themselves when buying anything. This mass psychology you will see unfold when there is 10 homes in a neighborhood. Once the first one sells typically the rest will start selling due to the fear that there will only be so many houses in that neighborhood for sale and that is actually a correct statement when it comes to limited inventory that we see today.