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Luxury Homes in Minnesota that Sold in January 2016

When your looking to sell your home it is important to see what buyers are looking for in a Luxury home in MN.

Luxury home buyers in the Twin Cities will look from one end to the other. Location may not mean as much when you get over a million dollars.  It is important that when your looking to sell you know what Luxury home across the Twin Cities are selling for so that you can price your home right.  It is also important to look at how many Luxury homes that are being sold are of new construction.  With Luxury home buyers being Millennials, they will not be looking for oak trim.  They want new and that is going to change the prices of now remodeled Luxury homes.

18 of the homes were previously owned and the rest were new Construction

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I have got so many discounts lately that I wanted to offer you one.
We’re offering a 1% discount on Listing Commission when you list a Luxury home in the Twin Cities with us from March 1 2016 to March 30 2016. Contact Dale today.