Home selling tip of the day “Can a snowman sell your home?”

Stagging tips for selling in march in Mn

I don’t think that a snowman will sell your home but it may make it more inviting to buyers that like small children.  It also can make a plain white front yard look more welcoming when buyers and their agents pull up.


Several times I have had buyers that didn’t even want to get out of the car.  Could this change their mind?  Would it hurt to try?


Let’s focus on something’s that will have a negative impact on the buyers visiting your home for sale.  We all love our dogs but they tend to change the color of the snow in a way that the buyer may not like.  If you can keep our beloved four footed friends from doing their business in an area that is not visible to the buyers, this will have a better impact on the buyers since every little detail counts when staging and selling a home.


Also make sure that the driveway is completely cleared and salted. If you have a concrete driveway, try not to use too much salt since it will eat through the concrete.  The buyers not only want to see the condition of the driveway but they don’t want to slip and fall.  When a blacktop driveway is cleared in the winter it offers a great contrast to the white snow and helps the home pop.


Now that it is March, you should have your Christmas lights down.  You don’t want the buyers to think that you’re lazy in taking care of the home they’re going to purchase.  Replace burnt out light bulbs and if you can buy 100 watt light bulbs to really brighten up the home for night showings.  Make sure that the garbage cans are inside the garage.  Also if you have extra vehicles, make sure they’re in the garage or parked down the street.  Agents and the buyers don’t want to think that they are going walking on someone that is home.  They want to feel comfortable and the longer they stay, the better the offer will be.


They say that a buyer will decide in the first 30 seconds if they want to buy a home from its curb appeal.  Let’s make sure we get them through the front door so we can have them fall in love with all the features of the home.