Luxury Homes Woodbury MN homes for sale numbers

Luxury Home Sales numbers for Woodbury MN.

When you looking to buy or sell it is good to know the numbers. If you look at the charts you will notice that the peak for 2015 numbers was May. I know that is hard to see since the graph will not let me put the months on them. Each year can have a different peak but most of the time the peak is in the spring for Woodbury and the bottom is in the winter.

Luxury Home Woodbury MN Homes Average Sales price March 2016 Luxury Home Woodbury MN Homes Closed Homes March 2016 Luxury Home Woodbury MN Homes Days on Market March 2016 Luxury Home Woodbury MN Homes for sale March 2016 Luxury Home Woodbury MN Homes Month Supply of homes March 2016 Luxury Home Woodbury MN Homes Price per square foot March 2016 Luxury Home Woodbury MN New Listings March 2016 Luxury Home Woodbury MN Pending Homes March 2016 Luxury Home Woodbury MN Percentage of sales price March 2016

Luxury Homes Woodbury MN School District change

Luxury Homes Woodbury MN Dancing waters Neighborhood will have a School District change.

Dancing waters in Woodbury MN will have a school district change in the elementary from Liberty ridge to Valley Crossing in 2016.  Valley Crossing is an open school format and if your looking to buy a luxury home in Woodbury MN in the Dancing water neighborhood you should watch our video about this and of course check with the 833 Washington School district to be certain the home your looking at goes to which school.

Luxury Homes in Minnesota that Sold in January 2016

When your looking to sell your home it is important to see what buyers are looking for in a Luxury home in MN.

Luxury home buyers in the Twin Cities will look from one end to the other. Location may not mean as much when you get over a million dollars.  It is important that when your looking to sell you know what Luxury home across the Twin Cities are selling for so that you can price your home right.  It is also important to look at how many Luxury homes that are being sold are of new construction.  With Luxury home buyers being Millennials, they will not be looking for oak trim.  They want new and that is going to change the prices of now remodeled Luxury homes.

18 of the homes were previously owned and the rest were new Construction

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I have got so many discounts lately that I wanted to offer you one.
We’re offering a 1% discount on Listing Commission when you list a Luxury home in the Twin Cities with us from March 1 2016 to March 30 2016. Contact Dale today.

Building a Custom Home in Minnesota The Ultimate Man/woman Cave Garage House

Are you planning on Building a Custom Home in Minnesota with the Ultimate Luxury ManCave?

If you’re a car fan than this is the ultimate custom home for a car person.  Maybe not the best family home, but we all have to make sacrifices for the good of the cause right, LOL.

What I love about this Luxury Home Video:

The person that filmed this understood who his market was by putting the Ferrari in and starting it since the sound of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini is very unique and this built rapport off the bat.  Using a drone in the video was great since it showed how the exterior looks along with the car.  The home has a great yard that complements the natural stone on the house with the stucco.  The house design incorporates a hip style roof with low pitch that Frank Lloyd Wright used in his designs.  You will also notice as the Drone fly’s over the car that stamped concrete driveway that this custom home has.

As the video moves inside the car elevator that also has the pool table on top of it is highlighted as one of the main features as it should in it’s beauty.

One down side to the video on the interior is that the rotation shots are shaky.  There is ways to capture this without and shakiness.

The living room and Kitchen has some of the most beautiful ceiling lights and with the open concept everything flows really well.  The red is a little much but then again this was built for a certain person.

I would actually build this in Minnesota as Secondary house from the main one.   I would have to have it different since I am yacht person so half of the garage would have to be two story open so that I could store the yacht in the winter time and also have enough room for a basketball court.  I would also add a turn table style rotator so that it was easier to move the cars around.

Regardless this builder, Realtor, and Videographer get a big Bravo from me since I think this is an outstanding home or new style Carriage house/Man/Woman Cave Sports court idea.

If you have any questions about building a custom luxury home in Minnesota, I work with several Custom Luxury Home builders and Also can find you the right Preowned Luxury Home in Minnesota.


Luxury Home video that I admire

Luxury Foreclosures in MN for Oct-25-2015

Luxury Foreclosures homes in MN that I liked.

If they don’t show up it is because they have sold.

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”4650302″ showall=”true”]

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”4609413″ showall=”true”]

If the listings are missing, click this link below:

Luxury foreclosures homes on market

Crazy New 360 Degree Camera test! Stop looking at me and turn around!

No Joking 360 Camera!

360 Camera inside of home. (Click On Photo to Play)

360 degree video camera test inside Real Estate MN


360 Camera of  Home Outside!
360 degree video camera test Outside

These 360 camera’s are the next thing in Real Estate.  The quality of the camera is not the best but this tech just came out in May.  360 tours of Real Estate have been around for a long time and they were pictures that were stitched together and it wasn’t video like this.

As the quality of the camera’s get better, we will be using it more and more to display homes since you can go where you want to in the room and not have see only what the person filming wants you to see.

When It comes to selling your home fast, should you take the first offer?

When It comes to selling your home fast, should you take the first offer?

When it comes to selling your home fast, you need to understand how a buyer finds value. If you don’t get multiple offers in the first weekend you may or may not see multiple offer situation. Sometimes timing of when your home your home on the market for sale will effect how fast it will sell. School starting, holiday’s and other timing events have a impact on buyers as a whole and buyers as a whole will put off looking at homes for a time. You have to realize that people don’t typically act by themselves when buying anything. This mass psychology you will see unfold when there is 10 homes in a neighborhood. Once the first one sells typically the rest will start selling due to the fear that there will only be so many houses in that neighborhood for sale and that is actually a correct statement when it comes to limited inventory that we see today.

Luxury Homes Woodbury MN|What shoes to wear?

When your looking to buy a luxury home in Woodbury MN, you need to know what shoes to wear.

Hello real estate friend I want to do a video on what you should wear when you’re out looking for
homes for sale in woodbury mn. Ok we’re going to start with the ladies, Cause ladies first always right.

Depending on what season it is is depending on what your gonna obviously we’re the biggest key is you’re going to be going from house to house to house I’ve shown as few as two houses and I’ve shown as many as 18 in the day some houses you walk in you might not even a song he may not even walking like drive up to it and don’t want to see it so but regardless of it you are going through house is fast and you know to get through to the ones that you want to or what not and you go take off your shoes and put on your shoes off and it’s always funny is that even remind people they still tend to where they want to wear which is fine it’s just a few to lay something up that’s kind of hard when you’re trying to access your children you’re trying to get them here trying to get your shoelaces up you’re trying to talk about the house so we’re going to go through some things I would suggest you wear and could be a bond could be right you do with what you feel comfortable all right let’s go with summer I have my
props ok so this is easy to slip on for you women the problem is is that my wife
air raids launched when she walks around houses because you may walk around the
house so we’re better off with your foot block or could go to a wedge which is
easy to slip on it looks great and you won’t air raid the lawn or turn angle trees winter time course
the great looking boot will work to depending on that it’s a zipper and not a lace they still can be somewhat tough
to get out and not drive which can be I see what not so if you depend on if  you’re gonna walk around the house
typically in the where time we don’t walk around the house until the home inspection which then bring waiters cos
snow gets people around here right alright so there’s also dropped out on you can always go with potential it’s
always safe the whole thing is can you stop on off without damaging them and will it work without having a time if
you don’t mind time take the time to time try to carry things in your hand because you see there’s an information
sheet your phone if you bring a camera to take pictures you got a lot of stuff  in your hands or child then you’re going
to its gonna be tougher to get your shoes on and off between shots but move on to the guys ok guys tennis shoes as
long as you slip on not during a time that you and be your question over whether or not you want to do that if
during the summer time are two options would be crock pot my favorite class otherwise you know dress shoes always
work for men because you can slip them I’m not pretty easily mine usually are course maritime then go to the boot as
long as you’re not having a late again it’s all up to how you feel comfortable with but I would recommend to you that
he takin it thought about what kind of shoes you’re wearing your gonna go out and see five homes this also if you’re
also going to look at the parade homes because the parade homes require you or the luxury tour any of those high yet
take your shoes off or put booties over the that’s another option for you is you get the blue booties and put those over your feet every time you going on outside of the house when your time that’s not gonna work because obviously there are no money they have ice and snow on them and you’d rip through the house so you’re going to see the parade or going to look you want to take an advisement how you gonna do that with the parade they’ll give you a bag typically to carry your shoes you the house cause you enter through the front door and exit through the garage typically otherwise other ones I’ve seen depending on your shoes you may not want to be leaving them out front they don’t have the bags for the slip ons then you’re gonna be required to leave your shoes either on the porch or in the front end you got you know 12 to 15 people going through a house out a certain time depending on how busy it is if you have really nice shoes true knows some may walk off with them you never know so I recommend that
you think you this process of going through House House house and that make something that’s easy and comfortable to wear during your showings are there any questions for me by my contact information I hope this has been helpful in your search for homes for sale in Woodbury mn.
until next time this is Dale

Selling Your Luxury Home in the East Metro Twin Cities MN

Want to know more about selling your Luxury Home in Minnesota?

I was on the phone with a another Realtor and we’re going over some of the comparable Luxury homes in the area for the east Metro of the twin cities in the million dollar-plus range.

It made me thing about this little bit even through I do Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for my listings in the area and for the new construction Luxury Homes that I work with.

It was a very interesting conversation because on the market on the eastside of the Twin Cites Metro is very different than the West Metro, north or south.

The West metro homes are way more I closer to Minneapolis so there’s a lot more I drive to purchase a home over there which pushes purchase price from a million plus up and same thing with Edina, Minnetonka,  and Plymouth. There is also less undeveloped land on the Westside of the twin cities.

On  the eastside of the metro it is further away from Minneapolis by 45 minutes versus 20 minutes from the Westside metro unless your talking about Orono or Victoria or Chanhassen.

With this being said, the driving distance and the land available is a factor in your going to sell your Luxury home and the reason why is because right now if you want to build your own dream or your own house that is completely custom, which the latest thing is the indoor sports courts, the custom four season porch with barn beams and the rustic elegant look, more simple look to the house and luxury home but yet age distressed look  is what people are wanting now a days.

That being said if your luxury home is older and you’re looking to sell in the east Metro area, I went and researched back and what’s different between 1 Million to 1.5 Million and 1.5 million. On the westside of the metro we have comparable homes in ranges 2 to 5 million.

On this side of the metro (eastside) unless you have a unique home that is 10,000 SQFT or is  riverfront or lake front it is harder to get about 1.5 Million for your home.

I know you may have built the home for 2.2 Million or purchased it for 1.5 million and put 300k  into, but the truth of the matter is that there is still land available and once the bridge goes through on hwy 36 (by Stillwater) and WI land is even cheaper, you’ll see more Luxury Neighborhoods Wisconsin.


It is also less to license cars as I found out from a guy who has a $150,00 BMW I8 and he only pays $45 to register where here in MN we go on the price of the car.

If you’re looking to sell your luxury home in the eastside metro, and your over the 1.5 million mark more in the east Metro, were not talking about Dellwood and Grant that is more northeast  metro; I am talking about Lake Elmo, West Lakeland, or Afton and we will have to find that unique buyer for you since so few homes have sold over 1.5 Million and here is my research telling why.

There has only be 6 homes that have sold for over 1.5 million on the books in the east metro since 2010.

Since 2000 including the real estate boom 27 homes of  1.5 million or more  have sold in these areas.

Now let’s calculate the difference (since 2000) of being under 1.5 million ( 1 Million to 1.5 million)  in the east metro for luxury homes and your looking at 109 houses sold.

To sell that home that you paid over 1.5 million for, we’re going to have to find the right buyer or your going to have to go under 1.5 million.

Also, there is only about 25 to 75 buyers looking to purchase in the 1.5 million range and there is roughly 200-400 homes for sale in this range not including that these buyers can build almost anywhere in the Twin Cites compared to buying your home.

I know anyone could call me up today and I can find them a lot from 200k to 500k and build there own dream which has everything they want for 1.5 million versus buying yours which may not.

Thanks for reading and watching and please feel free to contact me with any questions.