FSBO or How to get your home on the MLS without a Realtor

FSBO MLS Twin Cities

There is two or three Real Estate firms in the twin cities that will put your home on the MLS for a Flat Fee.

Google FSBO MLS and it should pull up a Real Estate Agency who will do a flat fee $500 or so and will put the listing on the mls.  You’re only paying for them to put it on and that is all your probably going to get.

The reason why I say this is I put my home on as a fsbo before becoming a realtor and I now look back and think about how I must have been a joke to people that were looking at homes.  You send the flat fee mls realtor the pictures and they send you this confusing form and any questions you have, they don’t typically help since you are listing your home for sale and your paying a flat fee. has an article stating that seller that sell their home themselves lose more money.  Click here to see article

I look back and think about how I was a sheep among wolves trying to list my home against other realtors.  I laugh at it now  since it was a good thing it didn’t sell. I went back and looked at the legal forms that I need to have filled out and yep I did them wrong.

After 7 years of marriage I have learned to listen to my wife.  I used to try to do everything myself and try to save a buck here and there.  What I have learned is you have one resource that you can’t buy more of no matter how much money you have.  All of us only have so much time here and once it is gone, it is gone.  My wife taught me that I wasn’t saving any money trying to learn how to do something that I had no business trying.  It is one thing to have a hobby and it is another to try to do something that others have been doing for years and years and have learned through failing and succeeding and think that I was just going to do it as good as them.

If you think what Realtors do is easy, then please call me and I will hire you.   Selling Real Estate is a very complex, competitive and also legally liable industry.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and that is why I am so passionate about it.

My lesson to you is,  My wife was right (cough cough) sorry something in my throat and that hiring the right professional to do the job is going to save you money.  I am not saying hire any professional. Do your research since there is people out there that just take advantage of people.  Plus side is that if you hire a professional and your spouse is not happy, then the responsibility is not on you.

I hope this has helped with questions about listing a FSBO and hopefully your marriage too!