Luxury Homes in Minnesota 2015 are already selling!

Typically in Minnesota the housing market takes a while to pick up after the holidays.

Not this year!  So far in 2015 in the Twin Cities Metro area we have seen 23 luxury homes in Minnesota  of 750k and up close in the first 22 days. This is good to see that we are off to a good start seeing as 2014 was starting to show signs of the market tapering off after 2013 boom in luxury and less homes were flying off the shelf.  Here is a view of the luxury homes  in mn that have closed in the first 22 days of 2015.

Luxury Home Sales numbers in MN are looking good:

Most Luxury homes got almost 95% of the asking price.  Looks like one Luxury home seller wanted to go and knocked off almost 300k of the price of the 2 million dollar home.  I don’t know if one of these had inaccurate data reported but it shows 200k in seller paid closing cost.   It maybe right but I have never seen that much in closing cost in 7 years of doing this.  Maybe they gave them a car with it, LOL.  Regardless, sellers are getting what they are asking and luxury homes are on the move again.

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 Luxury Homes sales in Minnesota in the first 22 days of 2015!