Luxury Homes that have sold in Minnetonka

Luxury Homes sold in MinnetonkaSold Luxury Homes in Minnetonka.

Whether your looking to buy a home or looking to list your home in Minnetonka, it is important that you know what has sold and what is pending.  This will give you a round about value.  Why do I say round about value?  Well luxury homes as you know are not cookie cutter boxes.  What one person thinks is worth something someone may not.  With so few buyers in the upper brackets it is harder to determine value on Luxury home that has sold in Minnetonka unless you’re the buyer or seller.

Let’s say you see a 2 million dollar home sold in Minnetonka.  Let’s dig deeper it was on market for how many days?  If it was on market for less than 200 than the property was priced to move meaning it was worth more to many buyers instead of just one and that is why it sold faster.   Let’s look at another option, the price of the home was at 2.5 million and the seller is starting a new business that will make him or her more money than the house is worth.  If he or she decides it is time to go on the new business they could drop the price in one day 500k and the home should sell fast if it has had previous showings.

Buying or selling a luxury home in Minnetonka or anywhere in the twin cities comes down to what the buyer wants in a home (amenities) and what they’re willing to pay for it.  It is always an option to build or tear down a home and with the prices not being what they are on the east coast or the west coast this is always an option for high luxury home buyers in Minnetonka.

Here is a list of sold Luxury Homes in Minnetonka.

One thing you have to remember is that when you look at sold homes that data is out of date.  The reason why I say this is that the transaction occurred anywhere between 2 weeks and 1 year ago and is now just closing.  You have to remember that deals sometimes take time to close.  The pending Luxury homes in Minnetonka are actually the numbers you should be making your decision on and that you can get from a Realtor like us.

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