Why Use Attractive Realty to Sell your Home?

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1. Years of Experience and Knowledge.

Attractive Realty LLC was started in 2010 when Dale decided to go into business for himself with a plan to build a real estate company that focuses on providing the best real estate service for the client selling their home.  We believe that we need to present your home in the best light possible and be able to forecast any foreseeable issues before they happen. We also believe that we need to get you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time when selling your home.  Time is money and the longer it takes to see the home the less value you will receive in an offer.

2. Technology driven!

We offer a custom video with every listings that includes drone aerial shots.

With 95% of buyers being online we know that they want more and it is our goal to give them the most information and provide them with a view of the home that no one else does.

Dale personal shoots the video and takes personal pride in knowing what buyers want to see and how long the video should be before the buyer looses interest.

Video facts to think about:

1.YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine compared to Google and is owned by Google.

2. Home buying is now a international event with buyers viewing homes from China, Russia and other places.  YouTube videos are shared more easily than a mls listing or Zillow page.  Putting your home out there for the world to see is going to attract the most amount of buyers.

3.Youtube has a billion users and we can tell what keywords they’re searching for to put your home video in front of them.

3. Always there for you.

Even through we have automated services to help us when times are busy we still focus on communicating with you in a timely matter.  The Attractive Realty team works to help each other with your needs.  We believe that the more timely and accurate information we can provide you with will allow you to make better decisions when selling your home.  Our goal is to respond to you same day regardless of the day, holiday or what we’re doing.  You matter to use and even if the market is bring us the buyers we need, we still focus on providing you the service that we expect of ourselves.


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This is our step by step and tried and true process to selling a home in the most efficient and profitable way:

Initial home consultation:

When we first meet we find it important to find out who you are as a person and how we can help you.

We will listen to why you would like to sell your home and what goals you have for when your home sells.

We will take a look at the outside of the home to verify all maintenance issues have not been overlooked.

We will then move on to the interior of the home and review each room and how you currently are using the home.

After reviewing the home we will discuss what you think your home is worth and how long you think it will take for your home to sell.

We will then present you with a listing agreement and go through all the legal paperwork in simple terms so that you’re completely aware of all that goes into selling your home.

We will then have you review our Marketing strategy agreement that we use with all of our homes. This will give you the foundation of how we have 98% sold completion rate with all homes we sell.Divine Custom Homes MN

If you feel comfortable at this point with the Listing agreement and our tried and true Marketing Strategy, we will then sign the listing agreement subject to your approval of our market analysis that we will present to you at our follow up meeting.

You might be asking yourself why can we not determine what the home will be priced at the first meeting.

That is great question and here is the answer: Have you ever gone to the Doctor to see what is wrong with you and they were unable to give you an answer until they had taken blood and reviewed the results?

If we were to give you a price after just seeing your home for the first time, it would be like the doctor giving you medicine without knowing the symptoms or causes for why you’re sick.

We do know the market very well but the real estate market is changing every 30 days in off season and can be as little as 15 days in the on season.

We could give you a ballpark number but that is guessing with tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The truth of the matter is that without seeing other homes that compare to yours in the current market time that you’re looking to put your home on the market, we would be guessing to what the value is and that is not what you’re paying us to do. You’re paying us to analysis what is the best price for your home to be offered at that will sell it for the most amount of money and the least amount of time.

We focus on being as accurate as possible when it comes to selling your home. The word “price reduction” is a swear word in our office and we do all that we can to avoid it. We understand we can’t control the market or other situations that can cause price reductions, but with what knowledge we can obtain during your snapshot of time when you put your home up for sale, we will work to get you the best results that we can predict.

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