Top Woodbury Realtors Dale Frisch Brings you more great homes

Looking for Homes for sale in Woodbury MN?

Top Woodbury Realtor Dale Frisch has brought you another great list of homes for sale in Woodbury MN?

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Dale enjoys helping buyers and sellers of homes in Woodbury Minnesota and has done it for the past 10 years.  10 years in Real Estate is like 50 dog years.  Okay not really but being a Top Woodbury Realtor is not an easy job.  There is a lot of Woodbury Realtors out there and there is not a lot like Dale.

What does it take to be a top Woodbury Realtor?

Being a Top Woodbury Realtor means you have to let things go in one ear and out the other.  If you don’t have a laid back personality like Dale, you will lose it.  The things other Realtors say and the negotiation with some sellers and some buyers is almost like a verbal gun fight.

What is Dale’s Key’s to success to be Top Woodbury Realtor?

Let go and let god.  Dale knows that if it is meant to be than god will make it happen.  Dale doesn’t go to church every Sunday or pretend to.  He does understand that there is a higher power and that higher power has made a really good life for him.  He knows that being  a Top Woodbury Realtor is sometimes losing clients, losing listings and losing deals and that is part of a bigger plan for him and his clients.

When Dale looks back before he was a Top Woodbury Realtor he would try to get people to work with and try to sell homes that were overpriced.  Now he knows that through focusing on showing people his knowledge they will either listen to him or they will not.  In either case Dale supports their decision and if it takes longer to sell or find a home then Dale will be there for them.