What is My Home Worth Cottage Grove MN

Want to find out what your home is worth?

When your looking for what your home is worth in Cottage Grove MN it is important to understand the difference between an online estimate and actually knowing what buyers are looking for. Even appraisals don’t know what buyers are looking for since when an appraisal is done it looks at items like square footage and doesn’t take in to account what color trim and what kind of layout buyers are seeking today since an appraisal is done sometime after the purchase agreement is signed.

The home inspection appointment

It is very important that I view your home in person since the true value of a home has to be determined by several factors like:

1. What color of trim you have.

2. What type of flooring you have and what color it is.

3. What condition the home is in.

4. What amenities like a 2 story great room, theater room, swimming pool or 2nd floor laundry.

Here are the steps to the appointment:

1. I will setup an appointment with you to come view your home.

2. When I come to your home I will first measure your home to verify online information.

3. I will have you give me a tour of the home and ask you questions about it.

I will then do a competitive market analyst on the home.

2nd appointment

The 2nd appointment is to go through with you my findings and show you the market research that goes along with my evaluation.

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