Woodbury MN Luxury Homes

Luxury Homes Woodbury Minnesota

Woodbury MN Luxury Homes

If you’re looking to purchasing a luxury home in Woodbury MN, we believe that there are 4 factors you should focus your search on: what locations are current luxury homes for sale in Woodbury MN, Luxury home layout, features and construction quality, and values of luxury homes in the area.

Location, Location, Location of Woodbury MN Luxury Homes…

We will first take a look at the location of the luxury homes in Woodbury,MN.  In my opinion you have an older luxury home area and a newer luxury home area. The older luxury home area would be Wedgewood Estates, Marsh Creek and those of the Prestwick Golf Club area located between Lake rd and Bailey rd in the southern half of Woodbury. These luxury homes of the older home section were built between 1990-2002. The newer luxury homes are those of Dancing Waters and Stonemill Farms which are in the eastern section of Woodbury located along Settlers ridge parkway. These luxury homes were built between 2003 and still building.

Woodbury MN Luxury Home Features, Layout and more…

The layout and Construction of your luxury home in Woodbury, MN:

Next we will look at the luxury home layout, features and how they were constructed.  Let’s start with the older luxury homes in the Wedgewood area.  These Luxury homes may have the original cabinets and trim for the early 1990 time frame. During this the 1990 oak was a big item along with gold. The newer trend is lighters woods like maple and some white/darker stains for trim/hardwood floors and handles have gone to brushed nickel or antique bronze. Woodwork in the homes will depend on if the homeowner has renovated the home or left it original. Most floor plans are open, but not to the extreme that you would see in the newer built homes since construction spanning was not available like it is now. Several of the homes have brick, stone or Stucco on the front of the home with some homes having the luxury high pitched roofs while others are more standard.

The Stucco can be an issue with these homes and it is important that you have it tested before purchasing. I use an approved Stucco inspector to test when it comes to purchasing a Stucco home in Woodbury, MN.

The layout, features and construction of the new homes have every amenity you can ask for in luxury home. The layouts of these homes are very nice with open kitchen, dining and living room. The new luxury home construction has come a long way from the 1990’s. Now homes are not only large in size, they have features like theater rooms, huge master bath and master closets, wonderful offices with flat screens, hidden rooms, safe rooms, indoor two story basketball courts, indoor gyms, Whirlpool rooms, custom built bars, 6-8 car garages with lifts, and everything that well earned money can buy.

Depending on which builder built the home and when it was built, will depend on the quality of construction. During the housing boom there was more free money around and some luxury home buyers spared no expense building their luxury home. Others were just looking to see how big of a home they could buy and some of the details of the luxury home are odd. The luxury home has changed over the last 20 years and so has the construction of them. Stucco is not used as often as it once was. The pitch and architecture of the roof line has become more pitched. The price of wood has gone up since 2007 and the cost to build these luxury homes in Woodbury and for the builders to compete with luxury foreclosures compared to what you get may with an older home may shift your opinion on which home to buy. On the other hand you may certain features of the new homes and for that it will be worth the price you pay for the home.

The Features of a Luxury Homes Woodbury, MN:

Wedgewood and Powers Lake area:

Features of living in these luxury neighborhoods of Woodbury are:

  • the association that makes sure that the neighborhood characteristics is maintained.
  • There are walking and bike paths along with well developed wooded areas and a decent amount of space between homes.
  • The most important part of living in the Wedgewood and Powers Lake area is the Prestwick Golf club and being a member of this course.

Dancing Waters and Stonemill Farms area:

  • the association that makes sure that the neighborhood characteristics is maintained.
  • There are walking and bike paths along with well developed wooded areas and a decent amount of space between homes.
  • Stonemill Farms and Dancing Waters offer private neighborhood pools, basketball courts, outdoor ice rinks, putting greens, and kids playground along with grassy area.
  • Several lakes and ponds to with walking paths.

Woodbury, MN Luxury homes value and what they are worth…..

When looking at value of these Luxury Homes in Woodbury, MN; there is often several factors that a buyer or seller will have to determine is a value.   If being on golf course is a must, then Dancing Waters and Stonemill Farms will be worth less.  On the other had if you want a pool and don’t want to worry about the maintenance of it, then Wedgewood would be worth less.   Since Wedgewood and Marsh Creek have been around for longer and the neighborhoods are finished, there is less volatility with pricing against new construction that Dancing Waters and Stonemill Farms have.

Regardless of where you plan to buy or sell in the Woodbury Luxury Home Market, it is important to find the right Realtor that you can trust will look over every detail and that has study these neighborhoods and tax values to understand where the true value is.  Since Luxury homes of Woodbury tend to be very different form each other, you will need someone to show what may cost you money or make you money.

I hope this has helped you in your search for Luxury Homes in Woodbury MN.

Give us a call and let us  prove to you the difference a Luxury Home Realtor can make.

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