Woodbury Realtor Dale Frisch and 360 degree video camera

Woodbury Realtors Dale Frisch 360 Camera

Dale Frisch a Woodbury Realtor works with the latest technology to show homes.  In this video he shows that when selling a home you should try to show buyers all new technology by using a 360 degree camera.  This is a great feature since it allows the buyer to see the home as Dale walks through the home.  When your a Woodbury Realtor like Dale and his Team at the Woodbury Real estate group you want to make sure your get a home in as many people as possible because you never know whom may be a buyer that is looking to buy a home for sale in Woodbury Minnesota or throughout the Twin Cities Minnesota.

Dale Frisch Woodbury Realtor

Do you need help selling your Woodbury Minnesota Home?  Dale Frisch a Woodbury Realtor is here to help.  Dale has been a Woodbury Realtor for over 10 years now and works hard to make sure that you buyers find homes like yours when your selling a home for sale in Woodbury MN.  Relax and let Dale and his years of Woodbury Realtor Knowledge go to work for you.  Being a Woodbury MN Realtor is no Small task.  There is a lot of Real Estate Agency like Woodbury Real Estate Group but there is none like it.

You can trust that Dale is going to get you the most update to date information on Homes for sale in Woodbury Minnesota.  Dale has worked and lived in Woodbury Minnesota since he moved here 12 years ago.  His vast knowledge of Woodbury Minnesota and the schools restaurants and more will help you if your looking to buy or sell a home in Woodbury Minnesota.

If your looking to buy ,sell or build a luxury home in Woodbury Minnesota than give Dale a call.  With Dale’s laid back attitude and almost Zen like mood you will feel at easy.  He will give you the comfort and strength that you need when you decide to build, buy or sell that luxury home in Woodbury Minnesota.